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From a one-man operation in the 1990s, QwertyWorks has grown from its roots as an end-provider of Filipino translations to managing large and complex projects for multiple languages and countries. Our seasoned project managers deal with deadlines of as quick as a couple of hours while keeping to quality tolerances of as strict as 1 error per 10,000 words. Building upon this decades of experience, our 24-hour crew of Production Coordinators answers emails and online queries for all project stages in all time zones. Working in our own offices, our team of in-house translators uses the most updated Translation Tools with the benefit of an immense pool of Translation Memories and Termbases accumulated over decades of operation. Simply put: we work on virtually all jobs for practically any language in almost any file format imaginable.


The Filipino worker's reputation for resiliency and pride in one's craft shows in the output that's delivered day-in, day out by our select team of linguists and Project Managers who specialize in Quality Assurance. From editing and proofreading to quality auditing and heuristic evaluation, we simply never give up in upholding quality standards as we are fully aware of our accountability to the ultimate customers: the end-readers. This stubbornness for quality often finds us embroiled in debates and arguments at all stages of the project--par for the course for professional linguists committed to promote the proper use and integrity of their respective languages.


If QC is the left-brained practice of defending linguistic strictness, Linguistic Analysis is the right-brained endeavor of creative empathy: crafting messages in a way that will evoke the intended emotions, perceptions and action. We've helped conceptualize some of the well-known Brand Names used in different industries today. We've also made our mark through transcreation, copywriting and cultural adaptation for several successful marketing and advertising campaigns worldwide. Our expertise in UI/UX linguistic consultancy was honed through years of working with the most demanding clients in the domains of mobile communication, consumer goods, Web/Internet/software and transportation: chances are the device that you are using today to read this text features an Interface that was developed with the help of QwertyWorks.

Analyzing Graphs
“ La hausse du taux de remplissage nous a permis de réaliser un record de chiffre d’affaires sur une journée. Nous avons réussi à réduire considérablement les perturbations. Nous sommes ravis de cet investissement! ”
Sébastien Loysel, PDG Leclerc Lisieux
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